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4 Thing Tight Hips Say About Your Emotional Health

Posted by Melon Lime on

IT'S SAID THAT OUR EMOTIONS ARE STORED IN OUR HIPS. What exactly does that mean? Some yogis compare hips to the body’s junk drawer, storing emotions we were not able to cope with. On a psycho-spiritual level, the hips are the seat of our sexuality and our individuality, both of which are deeply connected to our emotions and relationships to others (and ourselves).

Tight hips can tell a lot about your emotional health and point out things you should work on:

1. You are afraid of the future

Oftentimes we fear living up to our own expectations and those laid out by others. We think we don’t have what it takes to succeed and reach our goals and are scared of what is yet to come.

2. You are unable to love yourself

Tight hips might indicate that we are not able to fully accept and love ourselves. We are constantly tense, trying to be better or different than we are.

3. You fear relationships

It can be romantic or business relationship - negative emotions, unresolved problems and untold worries all linger in our hips, making them tighter and more tense.

4. You are afraid of your own sexual energy

The hips are located at the second chakra which is linked to sexuality, desire, pleasure, and procreation. If in hip opening positions you tend to cling and resist, you are blocking the ability to let go and let your energy flow.

Hip openers are really, really good for you, physically, mentally and energetically! Are you ready to confront your unresolved emotions? The body and mind are intertwined so be cautious and go slow when moving into hip opening postures. You may need some time to experience emotional release - be patient and gentle with yourself.

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