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Best Beauty Products From the Sunny Side of the World

Posted by Melon Lime on

HOW DO WE EVEN BEGIN TO DESCRIBE CALIFORNIA? The land of old-school Hollywood glamour, ambitious beauty queens and (last but not least!) James Franco, it is also the cradle of modern organic nutrition and natural plant-based health and beauty products that are yet to take the world by storm.

Melon & Lime took on a trip to discover the sunny state’s best-kept organic secrets and this is what we came home with:

1. Natural non-toxic toothpaste is the key to dental hygiene 

Davids Toothpaste

We tried David’s Premium Natural Toothpaste and we suggest you do the same.

Davids is a premium natural toothpaste with a focus on sustainability, designed to naturally whiten, remove plaque, and freshen breath. Among others, the ingredient list includes the following:

Calcium Carbonate - Natural material mined from the earth.  Used as a mild abrasive to help prevent plaque buildup, remove surface stains, and whiten & polish teeth.

Purified Water - Used to blend ingredients and give texture.

Sodium Bicarbonate (Baking Soda)- Natural material mined from the earth.  Used to neutralize the plaque forming acids in your mouth. Helps prevent plaque buildup, remove surface stains, and whiten & polish teeth.

Vegetable Glycerin - Davids uses only food grade domestic non-gmo vegetable glycerin derived from vegetable oils (not to be confused with industrial glycerin or other glycerin products produced from animal fats).  Used to moisten the mouth and enhance the natural mint oil flavor.  Also used  as a natural preservative  to keep the paste moist and to keep the ingredients from separating.

Hydrated Silica - Natural material from the earth that is used to help remove surface stains and whiten & polish teeth.  Others use low quality imported silica with large abrasive particles that can scratch or damage the enamel....Davids uses only the highest quality USA made silica with ultra fine microscopic particles designed to safely clean and polish the enamel on your teeth.

And that alone, we say, is a reason for purchase (plus, it truly works!)

2. Alchemic beauty tonics are the new smoothies

Moon Juice


Following the likes of Moon Juice, West Hollywood’s most famous juice bar, beauty tonics are the absolute future of cold-pressed industry. How does it work? Add a scoop of your favorite dust (we love Moon Juice’s Beauty Dust) into your cold-pressed juice, blend and enjoy the upgraded version of your favorite fruit and vegetable potion.

Plus points for accessibility? Moon Juice dusts can be ordered online and tonic can be prepared in the comfort of your own kitchen.

3. Dry brushing is the new daily massage 

Dry Brushing

I mean, how could we have lived without a through 3-minute dry-brush before the morning shower? Mio’s brush is natural and fair-trade made and is a perfect ratio between not-too-soft-and-not-too-hard – a perfect start into the day, pirate’s promise!

4. Gillerman’s Stress Relief Oil is the new perfume

 Stress relief oilMade with 100% USDA certified, organic essential oils of Lavender, Lavandin Grosso, Lavender Vera, Vetiver, Red Mandarin, Tangerine, Sandalwood, Blood Orange, Clary Sage it contains 100% the essential oils (for the record: your usual go-to expensive perfume only has about 8-20%) and will instantly calm you down, reduce the stress levels, replace your perfume and evolve into your favorite scent.

Just rub two drops into both wrists and you’re ready to go!

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