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Chocolate for Breakfast? Yes, Please! {Recipe}

Posted by Katarina Tavcar on
Chocolate for Breakfast? Yes, Please! {Recipe}
I’m not a morning person.

On most days, I’d be quite happy to sell my soul if that meant getting 10 more minutes of sleep so making a big breakfast in the morning seems slightly impossible for me, which is just one of the reasons I absolutely adore smoothies as breakfasts. Plus, you can just put it in a to-do cup/bottle and take it with you if, like me, you often spend a few minutes too many on your mat or hitting that snooze button.

Although mindful eating—also known as not being on our phones/watching Netflix as we eatis a big part of the mindful life, let’s be honest, some days that’s more of an idea than a reality for some of us, no matter how much we try (and, occasionally, fail).
Another thing that makes my heart skip a beat, besides a good night’s sleep (I swear I’m only almost-32, not almost-72), is chocolate. And not just any chocolate but an insanely delicious, exquisite chocolate that makes my mouth water just thinking of that gorgeous taste.

What’s even better than chocolate? Liquid chocolate deliciousness camouflaged as a smoothie.

Here’s what you’ll need for the perfect (and healthy) chocolate smoothie:

peanut butter
I know this might sounds strange but so many brands of peanut butter add a sh*t ton of sugar to their peanut butter. Try choosing one that only consists of peanuts to keep it healthier.

I suggest using ripe bananas. Bonus points if you live in the area where bananas actually grow or, if not, choosing organic ones.

coconut yogurt
This can easily be replaced with soy yogurt or you can skip yogurt all together, I just think it adds a lovely creamy-ness to the texture of the smoothie.

I usually use oat milk but feel free to use any other plant based milk that you prefer. Or even better, create your own oat milk, it’s super easy. Just blend 1-2 cups of oats, 4 cups of water, add a little cinnamon, nutmeg and/or vanilla and then drain it through a muslin cloth. Voilá!

cocoa powder
The magic ingredient!

flax seeds
I keep a little jar of grind flax seeds in my cupboard as they always come handy. They either replace eggs in those vegan recipes that I often try out or add an extra nutritional value to my smoothies and breakfasts. Just make sure you grind them first as that makes it easier for our bodies to digest them.

maca powder
No worries if you don’t have this quite exotic Peruvian ginseng, it just makes the whole smoothie taste a bit more earthy and apparently helps balance hormones.

Basically the only four ingredients you really need for this are: bananas, peanut butter, milk and cocoa powder. Everything else is just the cherry, the cream and the sprinkles on the top.

If you follow Ayurvedic principles—or pretty much common sense—and eat locally as well as seasonally you’ve probably already heard that our bodies crave warm, cooked food during winter, Vata season, so this might not be ideal for these colder days but I just couldn’t wait any longer to share this goodness with you.
So, either keep thinking of this chocolate-y goodness until spring/summer or just go for it and treat yourself. As much as your body might not be ("Ayurvedically") the happiest about it, I can guarantee you it will definitely make your heart sing.


Katarina Tavčar

Katarina Tavcar Yoga teacher

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