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Why Should Everyone Eat More Fruits and Veggies

Posted by Melon Lime on

Fruits and vegetables are pivotal for maintaining healthy and fit bodies, but their benefits are not limited only to physical health. Researchers found that increased fruit and vegetables consumption improves our psychological well-being as well. People who include more vegetables and fruits in their diet experience a boost of motivation, vitality and energy. Who wouldn’t want that? We included a rainbow of (at least) five different fruits and veggies to our diet every day for a week. Results?

1. More Power, More Energy!


Arnold would approve! We started the day with a smoothie, a perfect opportunity to mix different fruits and veggies. We made green, pink and yellow smoothies and loved them all! Balanced smoothies are perfect for the morning because they clean our bodies, kick-start our metabolism and give us the necessary boost to start the day.

2. Getting out of bed is not a challenge

Waking up at 6am? Yes, sir! We noticed waking up early was not such a big challenge anymore. Probably because the light food had a positive effect on our digestion and our bodies had the whole night to regenerate. Or maybe we just craved those yummy morning smoothies too much.

3. Happy thoughts

Yes, it sounds strange but seeing all the pretty colors, smelling the amazing aroma of fresh strawberries, home grown lettuce and wild asparagus and tasting the blends of these tastes made us happy. Damn you hippies, you might think. Well, we dare you to try it and see for yourself.

4. Sharp mind

Probably the best of all! After a week of indulging on foods rich with organic - and mostly fresh - fruits and vegetables, we noticed an improvement in productivity and concentration. Our minds were clearer and no one felt sleepy or sluggish after lunch. Our CEO is thinking of making this diet a part of company policy. We’ll see about that!

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