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How to Practice Yoga at Home (& stick to it)?

Posted by Katarina Tavcar on
How to Practice Yoga at Home (& stick to it)?

I’m going to be completely honest with you.

I absolutely suck at incorporating new habits into my everyday life and desperately need something or someone to help me get motivated to continue or even start with my some of my practices. Even when I love that practice dearly. I feel ridiculously bad about it alas, this is my reality.

But enough is enough and it’s about time I kick myself in the proverbial butt again—I’m recommitting to my daily yoga practice, which is why I came up with a game plan and a reminder of what we can consider when starting this home yoga journey or incorporating any new habit into your life for that matter.

1. The time.

Quite often we set completely unrealistic expectations, try to fit our whole day/life around this practice—instead of the other way around—and inevitably fail.

Having a home practice doesn’t mean I need do a whole hour and a half long practice every day. Setting aside just 20 minutes per day will still have a huge affect on my wellbeing and will set a tone for our day/night—a completely different one than scrolling on my phone immediately after waking up/before going to sleep.

2. The space.

One of the things that keep inviting me to practice is my rolled out yoga mat and my little shrine full of my favourite items holding a ton of sentimental value.

I’m not saying you need to have an extra room in your apartment or create a whole altar but having a space, a rolled out mat waiting for you to step on it and greet it with some simple, slow Sun Salutations, is precious. Who knows when that one Sun Salutations turns into two and then into three and into a whole flow that takes you on a journey for a bit, or a lot, longer than you intended.

3. A friend.

You know that feeling when only once you’ve said something out loud it somehow becomes “real”? In a similar way, when I share my plans and ideas with others is when I feel more accountable for sticking to those plans and my timelines.

So why not find a yoga buddy and commit to your daily/weekly home practice together? This will not only make you more accountable but will make the whole (new) habit that much more fun.

4. The motivation.

This might sound slightly not aligned with yoga’s non-attachment idea but if you’re anything like me, you might need some extra motivation to get on your mat every day. I know just the thing that will keep inviting you to practice—a yoga mat that you love. Now, I might be biased but for me my Melon&Lime mat is that thing that I see on the floor and just can’t say no to.

But maybe for you, that “thing,” that extra motivation (you know, besides all the other benefits of the yoga practice) is not a mat at all. It might be your favourite candle. Or that statue that you got on your most recent travel. Or that flower that you got for yourself when you’ve felt down and is now a reminder of your strength and resilience. Something—anything—that will give you that final little nudge when you can’t decide if you feel like practicing.

5. The Simplicity.

For quite a while I felt like my yoga practice (and teaching) should look different and super creative every single time, which basically means I kept putting unnecessary pressure on myself.

As a matter of fact, I now find great value in practicing the same or similar sequence for a certain period of time and see how different it feels based on my current state of mind, body and heart.

And if you ever feel like you need some inspiration or are at the beginning of your practice, our Melon&Lime app that you can unlock with your mat has over 10 hours of content to guide you on your yoga journey.

6. The (im)perfection.

I think a lot of us want our yoga to be perfect—quiet, with no distractions, everything flowing nicely in a beautiful space and if the moon is full or a rainbow somehow magically appear from nowhere, well, that would be ideal.

But the reality is that most of us can’t get a ton of quiet, uninterrupted time. Sometimes it’s our cat scratching the mat while we practice, sometimes our mat is a place for an epic kid meltdown and other days it’s just our partner wondering when we’ll be done so we can have dinner already (sorry, love, soon!).

The real challenge is: can I take all of those “distractions” and make them a part of my practice instead of seeing them as something that’s trying to take me further away from it?

Can I practice how to respond instead of reacting to those said distractions and then use that in my everyday life, off the mat? Now that is where actual yoga begins and comes into practice.

Cheerful practicing, everyone, and if you need an accountability buddy you know where to find me. ;) 


Katarina Tavčar

Katarina Tavcar Yoga teacher

Dreamer, creator, lover, yogi.

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