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Natural shampoo & conditioner bars

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Before I even get to these super-mega-awesome natural shampoo and conditioner bars that blew my mind, you can read why I care if something’s natural and, on the other hand, why it actually doesn’t matter, in my previous article on this topic.

The main box I wanted my shampoo and conditioner to tick—besides not being full of chemicals, not being tested on animals and, if possible vegan—was the “no plastic” box so I was looking for a shampoo/conditioner bar. No plastic waste plus it’s simple to travel with it in your hand luggage. Win-win situation.

But the real problem wasn’t really to find a product that ticks all of these boxes but a product that, while it lives up to all of that criteria, actually works for my hair as well.

And so my quest for the perfect natural solid shampoo started.

Normally, when I decide to try a new product, it pretty much involves whole research. And by research I mean Googling, reading blog posts on the topic, reading reviews on a few different pages, checking in with name it. And usually, when it comes to natural cosmetics, I check Small Bits of Loveliness to see if Jana has done a review of it already. It’s not like everything that works for her, automatically works for me, of course, but it’s just something about reading a review from someone you actually know (and value) that makes it a little bit more valuable. So when I read Jana’s review of the Natural Wisdom Spa solid shampoo, I knew that I need to give it a chance and see what the hype is all about (spoiler alert: the hype is utterly and completely justified).

Natural Wisdom Spa’s shampoo and conditioner bar are both, hand made using 100% Ecocert and COSMOS approved ingredients that are natural, as well as organic. The bars are also readily biodegradable and vegan. Up until this point, all the boxes have been ticked. But does it actually work for my hair?

My hair is like a lion’s mane—it’s huge. And it’s ridiculously dry. So every time I’ve tried a shampoo designed for dry hair before, it weighed my hair down and I pretty much looked like a wet dog, which is definitely not the look I’m going for although who knows what the next fashion season might bring.

But this shampoo…this shampoo (and conditioner) blew my mind in all the best ways. Firstly, they came wrapped in paper, in a cardboard box, with no plastic in sight (by now we’ve probably all realized or at least heard how single-use plastic is sh*t for the animals, the environment and pretty much all of us, right?), which means no plastic bottles that would end up in poor whale’s bellies! Tick!

Then, the smell, oh my! As soon as I opened the box I was immediately enchanted by the essential oils of grapefruit and lemongrass that made me wish for summer days all over again. Tick!

And then came the real test: do the bars actually work? Do they make my mane all lovely and luscious or do I, once again, turn into a wet pup? Well, I’m ridiculously happy to report that my (way too long) search for the perfect shampoo and conditioner bar is finally over. The shampoo bar lathers beautifully once in contact with water and it rinses off completely, unlike the majority of other more natural or completely natural shampoos, and the conditioner actually does its job without making my hair feel heavy or greasy. Tick, tick, tick!!

Now excuse me while I go order a lifetime supply of these two.

Disclaimer: Both of the items were bought fair and square.


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