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1 Simple Yoga Asana To Beat Hormonal Imbalance

Posted by Melon Lime on

HORMONAL IMBALANCE is more common that we think. Often caused by stress, it is a reason for consistent weight gain, lack of sleep, skin breakouts, rashes, as well as poor self-image and finally, depression.

Advocating for simple and natural stress management, we have a firm belief that regular practice on the mat can help reduce tension, benefit overall health, and what is more: help resolve hormonal imbalances.

According to the yoga expert Mahua Deb, the inverted yoga poses help regulate endocrine glands and target those specific female hormones that so often affect our wellbeing. We tried 21 days of Halasana. The verdict: it works. 

Effective for thyroid and adrenal glands, regular Halasana practice regulates hormones, relieves disorder of the urinary tract and menstrual cycle and what is more, it strengthens back, abdominal muscles and shoulders. 

Follow Deb’s instructions below: 


  • Lie on the back on your mat, legs together.
  • Lift both legs up to 45 degrees with partial inhalation.
  • Again up to 90 degrees with full inhalation.
  • Lift bottom up from the ground legs parallel to the ground above the head, then exhale.
  • Now for the final position; toes rest on the ground behind the head. Hands straight on the ground, palm facing down. With normal breath hold comfortably for 30 seconds to a minute.
  • Inhale and slowly get back to starting position.
  • Variation: Hands stretch over the head and rest on the ground.

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