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Stressed About Fighting Stress?

Posted by Melon Lime on
Stressed About Fighting Stress?

In this day and age, stress is the word that accumulates most of our problems. Not only is it the underlying cause of many health issues - be it physical like hormonal imbalance, risk of cardiovascular illness or cancer, to less chronic but still present issues like gaining belly fat and not sleeping well - what is even worse is the fact that it affects our psychological well-being. Scientific research predicts depression will be the most common disease by year 2020, which is largely due to the amount of stress we experience every day.

We all want to fight it. At least we are pretty sure we ought to try. We just need to find that perfect balance between work and play, eat the right foods, do the right kind of exercises and sleep 8 hours a night. As simple as it may sound, we often find ourselves stressing about fighting stress.

We made it our mission to help people relax

At Melon & Lime we believe in relaxation. We also believe there is no single right way to relax. Some relax through intense physical exercise, some through gentle yoga, others through simply lying on the ground, breathing deep. The truth: every approach that makes you feel good is the right approach.

Our stretch mats are colorful accessories for your favorite meditative activity. They are there to inspire your own “me” time, to motivate you to stretch, roll around and breathe through until you are your happy-, balanced self again. No pressure, just a beautifully designed suggestion.

Visit Melon & Lime website and check our colorful stretch mats.

Color- and Aromatherapy

Could a simple stretch mat be the answer to your struggles with everyday stress? Maybe not, but there is so much more we have to offer. We are already working on the next generation of stretch mats, designed to caress all of your senses. They will combine the best of all worlds: high quality, environmentally friendly materials and anti-stress properties of color- and aromatherapy that will make your time on the mat an even greater, happier and more relaxing experience!

Interested in how our mission might change the way YOU approach fighting stress? Join our mailing list and get news from our journey, together with special offers and deals.

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