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Me Time with Melon & Lime app


Each Melon & Lime mat comes with an integrated NFC chip that works as a key to unlock the app full of inspiring yoga videos. When you purchase a mat, you also get the access to specialized content, leaving you with all the necessary tools to kickstart your healthy yoga habit. 
The content in the app is originally produced by Melon & Lime. Videos are created in a minimalist and clear manner, taking into account the limited size of the phone screen and eliminating all possible distractions. The app contains flow yoga videos, guided meditation and an introduction to the world of healing yoga techniques - pranayama.  
By buying your Melon & Lime yoga mat today, you not only get the prettiest eco-friendly yoga mat with an awesome grip delivered immediately, but also a one-year free subscription to the app.

How it works


1. Download Me Time with Melon & Lime app on Google Play or AppStore.

2. On Android phone make sure that your NFC connection is turned ON.

3. Open the app. 

4. Wait for the "Scan NFC" pop-up to appear.

5. Press your phone to the NFC tag on your mat.

6. Pick your favorite exercise.

7. Feel great!

Download instructions.

Google play Me Time  


Visit FAQ for more information.