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At Melon & Lime we know that feeling good is on top of everyone’s priority list. We also know that connecting body and mind in order to achieve mindful presence can be easily achieved with regular yoga practice (been there, done that, pirate’s promise it works!). However, we also know that today’s busy lives don’t always allow the time to work on ourselves. 

When we first got the idea for Melon & Lime, we simply wanted to create beautiful yoga mats that would motivate people to practice and stretch. But we soon realized that we can - and should - do more. We want our mats to provide comfortable grounding for your practice but also to inspire.

That is why we decided to connect our mats with an app. This way you'll always have everything you need for practice right there with you - a mat & a bunch of cool guided videos for inspiration. 

By buying your Melon & Lime yoga mat today, you not only get the prettiest eco-friendly yoga mat with an awesome grip delivered immediately, but also a one-year free subscription to the app.

Love yourself and color your zen 
exactly the way you want to see it.