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Calm mat

Calm mat




Melon & Lime yoga mats are entry level mats designed for your comfort. Made of TPE (Thermoplastic Elastomers), they are not only environmentally friendly but also great in practice: they are lightweight and provide excellent comfort on hard surfaces. The carrying strap makes it easy for you to take the mat to the studio and back, while you can also use it for stretching. The closed cell construction of the mat blocks absorption of sweat and makes it super easy to clean, plus, we went a step further and designed a custom surface texturing to provide the best grip you've ever seen. 



Every Melon & Lime yoga mat has an integrated NFC chip that will enable you to unlock the upcoming app with exclusive guided exercises. We are currently busy preparing the launch that will put home yoga on a whole new level with certified yoga teachers guiding you through guided exercises, covering different aspects of yoga. The challenge is big, but we’re positive you’ll love it - coming to you in the summer of 2018, stay tuned!


  • Non-toxic
  • PVC & Latex and Chloride-free
  • Uses less energy to produce
  • Recyclable
  • 183 cm (70.05 inch) long
  • 61 cm (24 inch) wide
  • 5 mm (0.2 inch) thick
  • Two sided texture for a better grip
  • Ideal for both, restorative and balance poses
  • Easy to wipe clean (closed cell construction)
  • Imported