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M&L yoga mats unlock a free app with guided yoga & meditation.

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Each Melon & Lime mat comes with an integrated smart tag (NFC) that works as a key to unlock the app full of inspiring yoga videos. When you purchase a mat, you also get access to specialized content, leaving you with all the necessary tools to kick-start your healthy yoga habit. 



I love it! ...it works fantastic for me - it is soft, gives just enough support under my joints and doesn't slip or strech. Also, thumbs up for the eco-friendy packaging and fast delivery! :)

Not only that the mat is comfortable and very good quality, the application is great! I now practice every evening and every morning using the guidance. With 2 small children, it's the best me-time of the day!

Wow! My expectations are exceeded. This mat is super comfortable, has a great grip and I enjoy working out on it. Its color gives me a boost of motivation and I know we will hang out everyday from now on :)